Length 6.8 km – Travel time 2 hours

This path, which branches off through ancient rural houses, reed beds, vineyards and expanses of verdant agaves, prickly pears, brooms and valerians, will introduce you to what was and still is the place of agricultural production for the wealthy families of the Village of Celsa, today known as Ischia Ponte.

Along the itinerary you will admire magnificent views of the Aragonese Castle, the islands of Procida and Vivara and, at the end of the path, in Piano Liguori, you will even be able to see Capri and the Sorrento peninsula.

In the numerous stops that we will take during the journey, you will finally be able to taste the excellent local wine and other products of the land which are the result of the efforts of the local farmers, such as for example the ‘zampognari’ beans typical of this place, excellent with bruschetta or in soup.


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